About Us

The short version is—we are a consulting and executive search firm that specializes in intercollegiate athletics,

The full story is—since 1999 we have worked closely with hundreds of colleges and universities, conference offices, and national organizations to not only meet their needs, but also challenge their thinking, produce documentation that enables significant change, and develop candidate pools that excite search committees. We don't settle. We keep digging and producing for our clients because they expect us to.

In every area—from consulting consultations that require intricate knowledge of the business of intercollegiate athletics, to benchmarked data and metrics analysis/presentation, to recommendations from our firm that will guide the way for your intercollegiate athletics program—we repeatedly hear from our clients how pleased they are with our work. We dedicate multiple consultants to each of our consultations—this approach is what gives our clients that small business feel with the big company resources we're so proud of.

Executive searches are intricate, focused, and can be 24:7 at times. We manage the entire search for our client. Right out of the gate we prepare a detailed timeline and list of responsibilities for both our firm and our client—and the majority of the work falls on our shoulders where it belongs. The search is organized from A-Z and the client won't be dealing with any "surprises" along the way. We also pride ourselves on encouraging diverse pools of qualified candidates into our searches—80% of our semifinalist pools and 48% of our finalist pools include women and minority candidates.

We know we must be doing something right when, at the end of a search or consulting assignment, we hear the same superlatives repeatedly—"outstanding," "excellent," "terrific," "thorough," and "impressed." That's precisely the kind of feedback that encourages us in our work—and makes us work harder next time! We work very closely with our clients to ensure a professional and personalized level of service and have strong references for our work, from both past and current clients, that attest to our experience and performance.

Our work is informed by a belief that our services must be timely and efficient, our demeanor friendly, courteous and professional, and our outlook geared toward helping our clients plan for their success.